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Welcome to my world. Where secrets, obsessions and seduction come together to create sexy, no holds barred drama. Here you're not just a reader. You're a participant-- experiencing each of my characters' lives from their unique point of view.  


Where all sorts of naughty things are explored. What kinds of naughty things you ask? Oh, a little BDSM mixed with a menage a trois or two. Sprinkle in the dark desires of a few possessive, millionaire alpha types and the strong women and men who love them. Stir in a handful of hot LBGTs and kinky interracial couples for extra heat. Add to that all the dirty, toe-curling sexual acts that linger in the back of my pretty little head and that just about sums it up.


Be warned, my multicultural erotic romance isn’t rated E for everyone. If you appreciate diversity, graphic sex and mature content, you're in the right place. To be honest, I just write what my characters tell me to so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about their lives as much as I enjoy writing about it.          


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